Makeup Artistry Course Reviews

Lindsay Soloff

Sooke, Vancouver Island

The confidence I have gained due to this course may be my greatest takeaway. I always dreamed of working in the Beauty Industry but never thought I was talented enough until I began practising and learning the techniques taught throughout this certification course.

I've found an unexpected passion for Special fx makeup & prosthetics and have already booked clients for Halloween looks 5 months in advance! I've also begun booking Bridal Makeup clients for next season and couldn't be more excited to see where my new career takes me throughout my life.

I have a newfound appreciation for the history of Makeup and how it has evolved over time. It makes for great conversations when speaking with clients as I do their Makeup.

I am forever grateful for this course and would absolutely recommend it to anyone just getting started in the Makeup Industry or to freshening up their skills as an experienced Makeup Artist.


Emma-Mae McLeod

Barrie, Ontario

As a stay at home mom with already too much on my plate, I really enjoyed that I could complete this course on my own time at my own pace and make it fit within my crazy schedule.

The support from the tutors and fellow students was comforting, and the sense of community versus the usual competition was so refreshing. The course modules were interesting, packed with tips, extra resources and the detailed videos that accommodated each module was so helpful for those of us who learn better watching.

I really enjoyed this course and how it covered everything from Bridal to Special Effects and everything in between. I've already recommended this course to several other makeup artists and will continue to do so! Thank you for making this such a great experience!


Christy Healey

Iroquois, Ontario

This course was so wonderful to complete.

My tutor was Eryn Shannon, and she was so kind and constructive. I felt so comfortable submitting my assignments! I learned so much from this course with respect to makeup application all the way to prosthetics.

This was incredible! 10/10 recommend this course!

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Amanda Neumann

Buena Vista, Saskatchewan

The support I was provided during this course and the modules' structure made online learning a great experience. I always received quick responses with constructive criticism from my tutor that helped me improve my skills and confidence.

Throughout the course, I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing insecurities about my work with my tutor as they always gave me sincere and encouraging feedback. I always found myself to be hesitant in sharing my work, but the experience of working with my tutor gave me the confidence to post more of my work on social media.

This online and flexible learning option also allowed me to pursue training in makeup artistry while still working two jobs.

Celina Ros-Long

Pickering, Ontario

When I was younger, I was lost and confused. I was unaware of what my passion was and followed a path that I wasn't destined to be on. After picking up my first makeup brush and borrowing my mom's eyeliner, my eye's opened up to a new career path that I was scared to even walk on. After years of trying to figure out who I am and what my purpose was, I finally decided to enrol in a diploma program at "The Institute of Makeup Artistry."

This course described and demonstrated significant techniques, tools, and makeup looks from different areas of the makeup industry. This would include glamour makeup, high fashion and photography, film and television, character and old-age makeup, wig and facial hair application, special effects, and simple prosthetics. Each module required me to test my knowledge, build face charts, and practice on clients in order to acquire skills and develop a suitable portfolio.

After receiving positive feedback throughout the duration of this course from a professional instructor, I've developed the confidence and motivation to work on more clients. Enhancing the aesthetic beauty of each client is such a rewarding factor in the makeup industry, and I'm ready to build a business around that.

Emma Kiernan

Edmonton, Alberta

I have tried another online course to become a certified MUA, and I found that course very challenging, and I dropped out as I felt like I wasn't good enough. With this course, I was given a variety of new skills and a lot more encouragement.

Personally, I really enjoyed learning about makeup history. Throughout each module, I have been able to find something interesting that I wanted to research more on my own. Above all, this was so much fun, and whether makeup your hobby or your career, this course will work for you!

Stephanie Caissie

High Level, Northern Alberta

I found this course by browsing around at my online options for a makeup artistry course. As a stay at home mom, I needed something that would allow me to work in my own time. I was very confident in my skills going into this course and was very excited to get started. I quickly learned some new techniques that intrigued me and made me even more excited to continue learning.

Some modules took much longer to complete than others and really challenged my creativity in the best way. I discovered areas I really enjoy as well as areas as I am not as interested in, in the makeup industry.

I am very grateful for having completed this course and all the experiences I've had along the way.


Zoë Savage

Vancouver, BC

Before hearing about The Institute of Makeup Artistry, I had begun emailing different makeup schools about course itinerary, schedules and hours, dress code and everything I’d need to know to arrange my life around going back to school while somehow still juggling work at the same time. I had been down the road of student loans before, and I was dreading going down that path again.

Going to school meant that I would have to cut down my working hours to make time for my school hours, on top of paying for tuition. I spent months trying to come up with a situation where I wouldn’t be reliant on a student loan like I had been through hair school, but no matter which school I saw, that was the outcome I was bound for.

I finally heard through word of mouth about online makeup schools, and specifically IMUA. I was intrigued as I found out the tuition for the school was incredibly affordable even after the kit costs. The course itself was set up in a way that made it more than possible to pursue my love of makeup without changing my work schedule at all. I was immediately excited but was curious about how it differed from the traditional makeup schools. Would I be missing out on the curriculum normally taught in a classroom? Would it be hard to ask questions and get assistance if required? Would I miss seeing the work of my classmates and teachers? As I looked closer into the school, all of my questions were answered.

It soon became clear that I was about to embark on an informative, personally supportive, and inspiringly creative journey. The school’s tutorial feature particularity stood out to me as it was my most useful tool. Being able to restart and pause the step by step videos was a big help, let alone the fact that they are professional and well rounded, making it very fun to learn.

If all of the video tutorials and the in-depth texts were not enough, the supportive feedback I received from my teachers created and inspirational online environment for me to learn the trade. I am already a hairstylist and have always wanted to learn makeup to accompany my hair career. The IMUA gave me all the skills to apply this to the real world, where I have already begun taking makeup clients.

Cherylyn Tanner

London, Ontario

I have grown by leaps and bounds from makeup novice to makeup artist in this course.

It pushed me way out of my comfort zone in the best possible ways while giving me the road map for success. I have learned valuable techniques and skills that have elevated my confidence and the professionalism of my looks. My lofty dreams seem more within my reach now than they ever have before.

Thank you IMUA for giving me the wind beneath my wings and the courage to fly.

Dance. Fight. Care. To Life! Cher T Sparkle Queen

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